Net-Echt designer label

Garden furniture by designer label Net-Echt looks like concrete but is lightweight, exceedingly strong and durable. Concrete-look Net-Echt seats and tables can be moved around effortlessly, while the timeless design and exceptionally strong material allow for infinite possibilities.

Make life easy

Net-Echt concrete-look garden furniture is designed to make life easy and let you love life. The concrete-look furniture can be moved around in no time, is easy to clean and can deal with the vagaries of mother nature: actually a Net-Echt table could survive for 25 years in the sea without damage. So the advantage of Net-Echt concrete-look furniture is not just in its appearance, it’s also in the durable nature of the material it’s made from. 

Net-Echt concrete

How can Net-Echt furniture be lightweight and yet look like concrete? The ‘concrete’ is a glass fibre reinforced polymer-composite based on polyester resin. The material is 100% non-capillary, ensuring no moisture and dirt can penetrate it. The hand finish gives it the peaceful and natural appearance of real concrete. 

Inspirational showroom

Take a look at the Net-Echt garden sets, lounge sets and tables either on our website or in the inspirational showroom in Culemborg. Net-Echt is able to design and manufacture exclusive customised concrete-look furniture for individuals as well as for retail, hospitality and other commercial projects.